Does taking prenatal vitamins help you get pregnant – find out with us

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Let’s expalin what are those prenatal vitamins at first. Prenatal vitamins are supplements has got in themselves daily vitamins and minerals you need before and during your pregnancy. While you are pregnant you should be taking many of vitamins. Those vitamins are for example:

  • Folic acid (it is a b vitamin),
  • Iron,
  • Calcium,
  • Docosahexaenoic acid,
  • Zinc,
  • Vitamin A.

Prenatal vitamin before being pregnant

If you are planning on getting pregnant and are wondering on when should be the right time for you to start taking prenatal vitamins here is your answer. You should start taking prenatal vitamins even ealier than you think. It might be a surprise for you but The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that the perfect time to start taking prenatal vitamins is 3 months prior to conception. Here are some reasons why you should take prenatal vitamin before pregnancy:

  • The eggs indeed develop in 90 days before they are released. Healthy eggs are the most important factor of good pregnancy. It is very important for your body to have quality nutrients to pull from.
  • Prenatal vitamins gives you the perfect ammount of everythig that is needed in your diet. Those are perfect if you aren’t getting enough of daily nutrients.
  • Taking prenatal vitamins may reduce the risk of preterm birth.
  • Folate is great in supporting the earliest and in the same time the most critical stages of fetal development.
  • Prenatal vitamins has got omega 3 fatty acids which are going to be helpful to your babies health at the time when you will get pregnant. Omega 3 fatty acids help to improve egg quality. It also suppoer perfect level of reproductive hormones and plays huge role in development of baby’s nervous system.
  • While you gonna take prenatal vitamin before you get pregnant it might lower the chance of irregularities for example neural tube defects.
  • Pregnant women need twice the amount of iron. Taking prenatal vitamins prevents iron deficiency anemia and also can adequate iron stores.
  • Vitamin d is also very needed factor. Pregnant women goona need vitamin d to grow the baby’s bones.

As you can notice there are many benefits of taking prenatal vitamins before you acctually are pregnant. Taking your daily prenatal vitamin is the begining of fine pregnancy. But that’s not all a prenatal can do it is also shown by studies that taking prenatal vitamins before getting pregnant may lower the risk of giving birth prematurely.

May taking prenatal vitamins increase fertility?

If you were wondering if taking a prenatal vitamin will help you get pregnant then the answer is easy and it is no. No prenatal vitamins are some kind of magic fertility pills. Prenatal vitamin can only help you have all right pregnancy.

Can taking a prenatal vitamin before pregnancy be bad for women?

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If you are thinking of bad sides of taking prenatal multivitamins before pregnancy here is going to be said everything that you should know of. Prenatal vitamins are the ones which are done for pregnant woman and they are supposed to make up for those nutritional deficiencies which woman can go through her’s pregnancy as well as breastfeeding. For example if you arent pregnant and you will take to much of folic acid everyday this can couse masking a vitamin B12 deficiency. Excess iron can couse nausea or diarrhea.

Healthy pregnancy

Prenatal vitamins are the vitamins which are made for pregnant woman to provide perfect amount of vitamins which are needed for healthy pregnancy. Keeping on a healthy diet is also a very important thing to do for healthy pregnancy but taking prenatal vitamins increase nutrients levels which are important. As important as healthy diet is there is also another very important factor and it is staying physically active.

Healthy pregnancy is when it lasts full 9 months. A pregnancy that ends up with a healthy baby weighing at least five and a half pounds who has no birth defects. Durning pregnancy mother feels well the whole lasting of it other than the normal discomforts such as morning sickness.

Key to healthy pregnancy

First of all is to plan the pregnancy. You wonder why? Well the answer is easy while the pregnancy is planed woman might be in the best health possible. Pregnant woman should:

  • take prenatal vitamins,
  • stop smoking as well as stop second hand smoke,
  • stop smoking alcohol,
  • Pre pregnancy check ups at doctor’s.


  • If you gonna take prenatal vitamins before getting pregnant it can lower the risks of early pregnancy complications. Taking a prenatal vitamin early will also will help you avoid any kind o nutritional deficiencies while early pregnancy.
  • Since the baby is concepted folate supports is very important for the fetal development. Durning first few weeks up to a month of the pregnancy the baby’s neural tube is developing and it is one of the most critical stage of fetal development. The proper consumption of folare will help in developing baby thrive.
  • The time when you get your first positive test you should be regularly consuming folate. So do not forget to start prenatal vitamins at the right time.
  • Baby’s brain as well as the spine develops during the first month of whole pregnancy.
  • Taking vitamins won’t support fertility. Those essential nutrients will only help in filling the nutritional gap of the intake you should have on daily dose. It can prevent in some kind of potential health complications while you are going to have an unexpected pregnancy.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids improves cervical mucus quality which is very much needed for sperm to reach your healthy eggs.


It may not be clear for you when you should start taking prenatal vitamins but your healthcare provider will advice you when is the right time to start taking vitamins. Prenatal vitamins prevent pregnancy outcomes like low birth weight and premature birth. So as you could notice while reading the article woman needs twice much amount of iron. Iron helps your body in producing hemoglobin which is the protein located in red blood cells which carries oxygen flowing to your organs.

So keep that in your mind that prenatal vitamins are great for you as well as for your future baby. Remember that while many people are saying that birth control is so bad for you. In this case it is not that bad because with this you can have planned pregnancy which is easier to take care of and might be better for later on baby’s development in your belly.

You can also keep that in your mind that chances of getting pregnant won’t get bigger if you will start on prenatal vitamins ealier on. It can help to prepare your body to get all the nutrients needed for you and your baby.

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