Find out what kind of shoes are the best for back pain

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Does you back hurt you? Did you know that it can be coused by shoes? Or did you know that right shoes can help in your back pain? Well if you didn’t know any of that here is the right place that you will find every answer you those questions.

Right shoes can keep you very active abd won’t make you slow in anything. Back pain can be very annoying and you may feel hopless after doctor visit which cleared each and every symptom you have. If you did visit your doctor and talked about all symptoms that you had or have maybe you should pay a little bit more of attention to shoes that you are waring. Wrong shoes may cause back and foot pain also.

What are the perfect shoes for back pain?

Shoes that you are wearing should be comfortable and this is the most important factor you should pay attention to at first. It doesn’t matter what kind of shoes you are going to wear. If you are going to wear high heels or running shoes or any other kind of shoes they should be comfortable for you.

When you are about to buy new those remember to try those shoes out. Wear those shoes and walk a little bit in them. Test them to know if they do not irritate or do not pinch any part of your feet. So yes pay attention to this if they are confortable for your feel. Not only the look matters. Do not decide on shoes which are too tight, too loose, unsupportive or in any way uncomfortable for you.

So let’s talk a little bit of shoes. Best shoes for your back pain are those the most comfortable of couse this is right but what kind of those are those? Try with those following options – Running shoes, shoes with toe room and good spport and also very good shoes which are orthopedic shoes.

Running shoes

Well let’s start with tennis shoes. Running shoes are especially designed for many different issues. Everyone has got different walking style and fit your needs. Doesn’t matter if you have have a low, natural, or high arch, you will be able to find something just right for you. Tennis shoes can also have motion control which helps with pronation. It can also have cushioned assets which is very cool.

Toe room and support

Now let’s talk about those shoes with toe room and support. It will be the best for your back when your toes and grip and flex naturally ask you walk. If you are dealing with back pain things like support and a contoured insole may help you very much. Get yourself shoes that are going to flex with your feet.

Orthopedic shoes – prescription orthotics

Another kind great shoes are the most obvious shoes. And those obvious shoes are orthopedic shoes. Orthopedic shoes are the best shoes you should be looking for while you have back and foot pain. Inserts or insoles which are specially done for you can also help relieve back pain in some cases because they provide extra support.

What are the right shoes for lower back pain relief?

Shoes which has got orthotic insoles and have great arch support can have wonderful outcome for lower back pain. Those shoes will keeping your feet aligned in its natural position and keeping the impact out of the lower back.

Walking shoes that are good for lower back pain are the shoes which will give your feel natural posture and give firm support to the arches that they need. Walking shoes will help you with staying put even after long hours of walking as long as they are gooing to have orthotic inserts or take it custom orthotic insole.

How should you choose the right pair for you?

The right pair of shoes should be the one which are the most comfortable but still has to have support, cushioning and stabilizing the position of your feet.


Your ideal shoes should be having adequate cushioning to absorb the impact which is happening between your feet and the ground. Shoes which has high shock absorbency are great in absorbing each kind of shocks which happens when your feet hit the ground.


Your well fitted shoes shouldn’t be to tight or to lose. While your shoes will have larger toe box your toes will be able to more very naturally while you walk. This is wonderful. If you ask why? Here is the answer. This is going to get rid of this whole pressure on your toes and the joints higher up in your body even your back.

Tip: while you are going to try your shoes on remeber to try it with socks on. Why? Well you are going to wear your shoes with socks on right? So yes try them with socks so you will know if they feel fine with socks on.

Arch support

Your shoes should have arch support which will just in natural way support arch of your feet. The arches of your feet can be naturally low(this is called flat feet), normal or high. So keep that in your mind while you are going to be trying your potential new shoes.

Why does shoes couse foot pain?

Red heels at store with pure in background

Shoes can couse foot pain. Are you wondering why this can happen? Well the answer is here and we will point them out for you. Here goes the reasons why:

  • Shoes are too small. If you think that your feet doesn’t grow since you get to a certain age you are wrong. With age your feel changes its size. So choose your shoes wisely and think twice of its size because you can couse pain to yourself,
  • Shoes are too flat. Flat shoes are nothing good. Shoes comes with arch for a reason. So after a long day of walking with flat shoes your arch may be hurting you and you shouldn’t be surprised with this,
  • Shoes are way too tall. If you are going to walk whole day with too tall heels don’t be surprised your feet hurts. Wearing high heels can be a killer for your feet. The higher the heel is the more of pressure it gives to torque on your joints the shoes inflict,
  • Too restrictive shoes. If you would want to lace up tightly or use a shoehorn to jam your tootsies into a pair think of it twice. Your foot won’t have non of flex in there it will be just tight. So don’t be surprised with the pain if you decide on wearing shoes like that,
  • Too pointy shoes. Yea and here we have pointy shoes they maybe does look beautiful but they aren’t any good for humans feet. When shoes are too pointy they doesn’t offer enough room in the toe box but it just puts pressure on your big toe.

What are the worst shoes?

Yes there are shoes that are just the worst shoes possible. Take a look on those examples of really bad shoes that can couse your feet pain as well as back pain. Some of those really common shoes that everyone is wearing almost everyday can be the worst shoes to wear. Some shoes can even causes muscle imbalances that can cause mystery back pain or make existing back pain worse.

Flat shoes

Flat shoes are one of those bad shoes. You may not even know how problematic could be those flat shoes. Flat shoes may not give you any feet support while you are walking and after a long day walking in them it can couse huge feet pain. So think twice before you do decide on wearing this kind of shoes.

High heels

Very famous women’s shoes. High heels are the worst shoes for those with back pain because they evencan make it way way worse. We aren’t talking here about those classic high heels. Shoes like dress shoes, cowboy shoes or any other kind of shoes with small heel can be problematic. Heels even with an inch heel can couse your back arched and your knees slightly bent. So yes even those shoes with slight heel can be problematic. This kind of shoes can do a lot of bad things like destroy damage the intervertebral discs which cause back pain.

Flip flops

Yes, we know you are surprised now. Eveyone think that flip flops are the most comfortable shoes possible well not really. Those shoes doesn’t give any support to your feet. Often you are trying to keep your flip flops from falling out of your feet and by this you just bunch up your toes which is very bad thing to do. However the worst flip flops would be cheap ones. Those cheap flip flops doesn’t give you support for your toes or even has no soft cushion for your heel.


Here is also an interesting fact which is this that men have a lower incidence of back pain than women. Why? Well the reason why is because men’s shoes are neutral when it comes to heel height, so thats why the heel and toe are on the same level which doesn’t couse the pain.

Another interesting fact for those who has got sensitive feet. Birkenstocks with synthetic sole are the best and the most supportive shoes for those who has got this kind of problem. Those shoes are recomenden for daily use because they can equally distribute your whole body weight throughout the shoe from your heel to toe.

One more cool information which is going to be perfect for nurses. Crocs are the perfect walking shoes for long shifts that nurses mostly has.


As you can notice there are shoes which are good shoes but there are also bad shoes. The best shoes would be those with maximum support, wiggle room,soft cushioning (those are wonderful for people who loves running), heel support, rubber sole (this may provide stability of your feet). Also the best shoes should be those that matches to your foot shape and support your arches. The worst shoes on the other hand would be those which has for example memory foam. Why? Well the answer is easy it doesn’t give enough of support to you. So hopefully this article help pain sufferers and made their life easier.

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  1. I have always had troubles with getting myself right fitted shoes because Im a “big foot”. Now I know what I should look for and where I made mistakes while getting myself new pair of shoes. Amazing article thank you so much for such a good work.

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