Health properties of protein shakes. How to choose best ingredients?

Strawberry protein shake with strawberries

Our body needs proteins to function properly and also to feel good. Every human cell contains proteins that is why we need them to repair broken cells and produce new ones. It is crucial in processes that fuel our energy and carry oxygen throughout our body. Protein support immune health. Besides that, it is responsible for the condition of our skin and hair. There is a lot of food that gives us an opportunity to deliver protein to our body but nowadays we are so busy that we do not have enough time to take care of our meals. That is the reason of such popularity of protein shakes. But how to prepare them so that they work properly on our body?

Let’s take a look.

Types of protein shake

We have a huge choice in preparing such a protein drink. We can find ready-made powdered shakes or make them ourselves.

Powdered shakes and their essential amino acids

Here we have several different options to choose.

  • The most popular one is whey protein, especially among athletes. It contains all amino acids that the human body requires from food and it is easily absorbed,
  • Casein is rich in glutamine that may speed up muscle recovery for instance after exercise. You can consume them as post workout,
  • Soy protein also contains essential amino acids and it is better alternative for people who do not consume dairy,
  • Pea protein is a good source of the amino acid arginine and it is just a high-quality alternative to soy,
  • Hemp seeds contain essential fatty acids what makes them an excellent choice for vegans.

Manufacturers often add flavour enhancers to such proteins. On the market, we can find many different flavours like a vanilla protein powder which is the most common in athletes.

DIY protein drink

If you do not want to add protein powders to your healthy diet, try to mix natural ingredients that contain a lot of proteins and no added sugar or sweeteners. What ingredients are a good choice?

Four colorful protein shakes

  • Plain yoghurt (like greek yogurt),
  • Plain milk,
  • Plain kefir,
  • Tofu,
  • Natural peanut butter,
  • Natural almond butter,
  • Plain soymilk,
  • Lentils.

By adding your favourite fruits ( it can be fresh or even frozen fruit)to this you make your shakes not only healthy but also tasty! Such a blended drink you can treat as lunch.

Protein powder

On the internet, you can find many protein shake recipes. The most basic one is protein powder mixed with milk or just water. To make your shake more delicious you can add some nut butter ( chocolate peanut butter gives great taste). If you have more time and willingness you can add more protein but you need to remember that it gives you more calories. But is protein powder safe for everyone? Generally, protein powder is recognized as safe but consuming large amounts of protein can cause side effects. Protein intake is important but like everything else in the right amount. For those who are lactose intolerant, dairy-based protein powder may lead to stomach upset, bloating and gas.

The benefits of drinking protein shake

A concentrated source of protein via shake can help you lose body fat. Proteins are good at fighting excess weight and help in losing weight. Although you can not treat protein shakes as a meal replacement but more as a diet supplement. By adding enough protein your body builds muscle easier and faster. Your body needs amino acids that you get from protein shakes to build muscles. Getting enough protein is especially important for your immune system, as well as for healthy skin and hair but if you’re already eating enough protein, it may not offer any benefit.

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  1. I’m huge fan of protein shakes. Thanks to this great article I have new ingredients to try out. I would never think of using tofu. Thank you so much this article is outstanding!

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