How To Get Rid Of Hiccups – 10 proven way’s that may help you

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There is no a single person that never had hiccups before and we all know how annoying this can be. Let’s talk about how to get ride of hiccups. Most cases of hiccups is not something that we should be worried about but as we all know hiccups can be very bothering and in some way uncomfortable. If your hiccups last longer than two days you should definitely get in touch with your doctor because he can determine what the intesivity of the hiccup is in realtions to other health conditions and also medical condition.

Hiccups treatment

There are lot’s of the possibilities to treat hiccup and one and the most common, known by everyone includes paper bag it is breating into the paper bag technique (breathing patterns are important) . If hiccup stays for short period of time it mostly will handle itself, but we all know how bothering it can be for almost everyone so here are couple of home remedies (for exampl breating patterns and pressure points) how to get ride of hiccups:

  1. breathe slowly into a paper bag (remember not to put it on your head),
  2. pull your knees up to your chest and bend forward,
  3. you could also swallow some of granulated sugar,
  4. taste vinegar or try to bite on a lemon,
  5. hold your breath for a short time,
  6. drink a little bit of an ice-cold water,
  7. press on the diaphragm gently,
  8. pull on your tongue,
  9. drink a glass of warm water very slowly, whole glass without breathing,
  10. place gentle pressure on each side of your nose while you are swallowing.

Fact: hiccup can be couse for example by eating or drinking too quickly. Most of the time hiccups stopps by their own or with people using home remedies. Hiccups happen to anyone starting with a baby and coming to an old and adults.

What the hiccups are and why are they happening

In human body there is a muscle between the chest and the abdomen that regulates breathing and it is called diaphragm so when the diaphragm contracts the lungs get’s widen and are full of oxygen. So When the diaphragm relaxes, carbon dioxide exits the lungs. Things that can make the diaphragm to contract involuntarily and repeatedly are:

  • eating huge meals,
  • swallowing way to much air,
  • drinking carbonated beverages,
  • stress and intensive emotions,
  • not expected temperature changes.

Diaphragm spasms and what can they couse

Those spasms makes vocal cords close all at once which a result of sudden gush of air that is getting into the lungs. This whole process is responsible for the all too familiar gasping sound that gave the condition and it is named hiccup.

What to do with persistent hiccups?

In rare cases if hiccup is persistent doc can give you some meds to stop hiccups. Often it is done by doctors when their patients with persistent hiccups have problem with things like eating and starts losing weight, have sleeping problems like for example insomnia or even when they shows sings of depression. There are medicines that helps with persistent hiccups like:

  • Baclofen (which is a muscle relaxant),
  • Chlorpromazine (it is an antipsychotic medications),
  • Gabapentin (it is initially used for treating epilepsy but also it is known that helps with hiccup),
  • Haloperidol (it is an antipsychotic medication),
  • Metoclopramide– (it is a medication which is being used in the treatment of nausea).

Stimulation of Vagus nerve in case of persistent hiccup

Let’s talk about about Vagus nerve at first. Did you know that Vagus nerve is one of the longest cranial nerve?. Vagus nerve is also called pneumogastric nerve and is responsible for differnt internal organ functions, including:

  • digestion,
  • heart rate,
  • breathing,
  • cardiovascular activity,
  • reflex actions (for example coughing, sneezing, swallowing, and vomiting).

The Vagus nerve stimulation is good idea to help with intractable hiccups. All of the things that are done with so called home remedies seem to be working by over stimulating the Vagus nerve.

How to prevent hiccups

Woman has got a paper on her mouth with X on it

Most of hiccup cases are coused by the lifestyle people are choosing to live with. If hiccup occurs often you can reduce the risk of it. Try not to eat to much and for sure do not over eat! (hiccups can be coused by eating a lot of food at one time, eating to fast,swallowing air for example when you are eating and talking at the same time, getting gas in your stomach by drinking carbonated beverages), try avoiding carbonated beverages, try not to put yourself in a situations of sudden temperature changes -sudden change the temperature of your esophagus can also cause hiccups this can have something to do with stimulation of the nerves that cause the diaphragm to contract. The phrenic nerve and the vagus nerve are the main nerves and they are located near buy your esophagus thats why food and drinks can easly stimulate them (things that can bother them is hot and spicy foods, acidic food and freezing drinks like ice water). don’t drink alcohol (mostly beer) and stay calm don’t get into the situations of intense emotions.

Interesing facts about hiccup

Did you know that studies shows that no single remedy has been scientifically proven? The Journal of the National Medical Association presented studies that shows that non of any techniques have been found helpfull in treating hiccups.

If your hiccup last longer than 48 hours you should go see a doctor. Long lasting hiccup can lead to problems with sleeping, breathing or even eating.

Most of hiccups are going away by their own after few minute.

Medical name of hiccups is singultus.

Humans arent the only one that has got hiccups, hiccups are occurring to almost all mammals.

There is one case of the longest hiccup noticed and the longest case of hiccups lasted for 68 Years.

To sum up

As you can see after reading all of those things about hiccups, hiccups happen to not only humans which is quite interesting. There are also many techniquest to get rid of hiccups even with home remedies. But non of those techniques are scientifically proven and also if hiccup last longer than 48 hours (in really rare cases) you should contact your doctor so he can get into the case and probably will prescribe you some medicine.

Human body is amazing “thing” and still has lot’s and lot’s of secrets like hiccups which still isn’t known why does it occurs.

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