How to take a proper care of your teeth and mouth?

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With healthy teeth and gums you can easily enjoy your food and drinks. Even the smallest cavities, that are not perceptible at the beginning, may cause serious damage to your teeth and lead to many diseases. If you want to keep your oral cavity in good condition, you should take care of your gums and teeth on a regular basis. How to do that properly?

Get rid of plaque

Teeth are covered in a hard coating that is called enamel. It is a mineralized surface that serves as a protective layer that covers each tooth. When you eat or drink something, a thin film of bacteria builds up on your teeth. It is called dental plaque and it produces harmful acids that have a negative effect on the enamel. As a result, it can cause cavities that must be filled by a dentist. If you want to avoid further damage, see your tannlege Polen and start a comprehensive treatment.

Prevent gum diseases

When you allow the plaque to build up along and under your gum line, you will probably start to feel mild infections inside your mouth. This contains red gums that are more tender and more likely to bleed during eating or brushing. This form of infection can be fixed with a regular brushing and flossing, however, if you are going through severe type of gum disease (called periodontitis), it must be treated by a dentist.

Comfortable and safe treatment in Poland

Indexmedica, a modern and well-equipped clinic in Kraków, Poland, is your optional choice when it comes to the dental care. Renowned and well-educated team of specialists do their best to offer you a comprehensive treatment in comfortable surrounding. All members of the clinic speak fluent English, so you do not have to worry about the communication boundaries.

Many people choose to come to Poland and start the dental treatment. It is much cheaper than in the UK or Ireland, even if you sum up the flight costs and accommodation. You do not have to worry about your stay, just book the ticket and let us take care of the rest.

Make sure you clean your mouth properly

Not everyone is aware of how to use the toothbrush properly. You should use small circular motions, gently moving the head of the toothbrush back and forth. Keep the bristles at a 45 degrees angle to brush the teeth along the gum line. Do not forget to clean the tongue and inner cheeks. Use dental floss after brushing and rinse the mouth with a dedicated mouthwash.

What is more, it is advised to visit a dentist twice a year for a check-up. Such a practice will prevent from dental problems and maintain your oral cavity in good form. In case you need a professional and harmful treatment, choose Indexmedica in Kraków. The clinic offers not only tooth implants, but also fillings, crowns and bridges, CT scans and 3D X-rays, teeth whitening and root canal treatment. If you are looking for a complex and professional dental care, consider the dentists of Indexmedica as your first choice. Your way to a healthy mouth have never been that simple – just make a call and set a visit that will result in a satisfaction for both sides.

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