Is it safe to induce vomiting? How to induce vomiting?

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Vomiting is also called as emesis by scientists but colloquially it is named as throwing up, retching, puking, tossing or being sick. Definiton says that vomiting is a forceful ejection of the contents of the stomach and upper digestive system through the mouth.

Some people may be inducing vomiting due to eating disorders. One of those eating disorder is BULIMIA NERVOSA- which one of symptoms common purging behaviors which includes forced vomiting which can couse weight loss. There are special medical associations created to help people this this kindof eating disorder.

If you are wondering if is it safe to force vomiting the answer is NO. It is not safe to induce vomiting especially if you want to treat some kind of poisoning, are you wondering why? well when the person vomits some kind of poison for example like stomach acid those poisons increase the risk of burns and other injuries to the esophagus, throat and also mouth.

Vomiting and nausea mostly comes together. When you feel nauseated it can make you feel unsure and uncomfortable because you don’t know if you will or will not vomit. When you feel nauseated you can be sweaty and notice a lot of saliva in your mouth. There is no need to be worried if you have the feeling of nausea or if yuy vomit but rarely it can be a sign of other sicknesses.

What to do when you feel nausea

If you ever have experience nausea you must know it is not a great feeling. Here are some tips to help with nausea:

  • Rest quietly- if you are going to be active your nausea can get eaven worse,
  • Drink water- to prevent dehydration,
  • Stay away from unpleasant smell,
  • Eat bland foods,
  • Don’t combine warm water with cold foods. Warm water and cold meals can couse nausea.

Those things can trigger nausea.

How to prevent nausea, there are some home nausea remedies for that you could use for example:

  • Have small meals more often rather than big meals less often,
  • Eat slow,
  • Try not to eat foods which are hard to digest,
  • Rest after a meal,
  • If you experience nausea after waking up you can try to eat few crackers before you get up from your bed.

How to make yourself throw up easily?

How to induce vomiting? well try with baking soda (remember that too much sodium bicarbonate can can be poisonous. so remember that high dose can put you in increased risk of health issues and overall health is the most important) . The method od inducing vomit with baking soda is easy because who doesn’t have baking soda at home. To do this mixture- mix just one teaspoon of baking soda with a glass of water and drink it. another way is to drink bloodroot herb, how to make yourself throw up with bloodroot herb is to take a glass of water and add some bloodroot powder herb to it.

Remember that induce vomiting is bad for your body.

Effects of self induced vomiting

Self induced vomiting is an idea of avoiding to digest calories after eating a meal. Vomiting is very dengerous because it can easly become a habbit what can couse decreased tolerance of food inside the stomach. Vomiting episode can lead to: bleeding from ypur throat, bleeding inside stomach, stretching of lower gulet, reflux from acid which comes from your stomach, huge pain, ulceration, scarring or chronic constriction and sometimes it can also lead to tearing of gullet wall.

What to do after throwing up

there are things you should do after throwing up:

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  • Remeber to stay hydrated- drink water,
  • Person which is experiencing nausea or vomiting should eat bland foods like rice for example,
  • Avoid strong smells, unpleasant smell can trigger vomiting,
  • Eat small meals and you can use small snack time to time.

What trigger vomiting

Here are some of tipical tings which trigger vomiting:

  • Migraine headaches (this one is very common),
  • Stomach flu (it is infection of the digestive tract it is very common cause of nausea and vomiting),
  • Motion sickness,
  • Peptic ulcers,
  • Chemotherapy or even sideeffects of anothter medical treatment,
  • Hormonal changes,
  • Food poisoning,
  • Alcohol,
  • Head injury,
  • Bilestone,
  • Kids between 2 and 6 years old can be vomining because of stress.

Now let’s talk about some of less common triggers, which are:

  • Cancer (brain tumor)
  • Reye syndrome
  • Blockage of the intestine
  • Pancreatitis
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Putted off stomach emptying
  • Gynecological problems
  • Eating disorder

How to prevent vomiting

How to prevent vomiting. There are some way’s that might help with preventing nausea and vomiting. For example:

  • Take deep breaths,
  • Drink ginger ale,
  • Take hot shower.

Food poisoning- how to deal with it?

What is it a food poisoning? it is some kind of reaction of food and water ontaminated during improper cooking, handling or storage. The most known contaminants bacteria are:

  • Salmonella (can be found for example in egg whites. Eggs or just egg whites can have this bacteria inside)
  • Campylobacter
  • E. coli.

Food poisoning very often lead to diarrhea, vomiting and sometimes abdominal crampings.

Here are some tips to help you prevent the food poisoning. What’s the most important is not to forget washing your hands (with soap of course) before touching food or even holding raw food like meat, fish, eggs and vegetables. Also wash your hands after ouching the bin, going to the toilet, blowing your nose or touching any kind of animals- yes even pet’s. Another tip is to keep your faw meat separated (the best idea is to keep it on a bottom shelf and the last by not least tip is to always have an eye on use by dates on tops).

When You need medical help

Contact with your doctor when:

  • The nausea or vomiting is severe,
  • You don’t pass normal ammount of urine or it had got dark color,
  • You can’t keep down liquids,
  • When you feel dizzy and you feel like you gonna pass out,
  • Your heart races,
  • When you are vomiting had have high fever.

Those are health issues whichneed medical attention, contact your doctor if you have those symthoms.

Stomach acid- is it important to your health?

Stomach acids play an important role in our health, our stomaches has to be highly acidic because of few veru important reasons :

  • The acidity get’s rid of harmful pathogens like yeast and bacteria that enter the body in food. If they aren’t destroyed they may couse us a food poison or ven maybe irritate the gut bacteria,
  • The acidity get going the he protein-digesting enzyme in our stomaches which is needed as much as hydrochloric acid to commence the splitting apart of protein molecules,
  • Further digestive secretions which are required for the complete breakdown of food for its absorpcyjny into the bloodstream are released by being triggered by the acidic chyme,
  • The acid help to release vitamin B12 from food. If there is a lack of vitamin B 12 in your organisms it can give signs like even memory loss,
  • The acid a very significant role in the ionization of minerals like ron, zinc, calcium and magnesium,
  • The acid helps to close the lower oesophageal sphincter what is a great help of preventing the acid reflux,
  • The acid helps to trigger the pyloric sphincter to enable ‘chyme’ to pass inside the small intestines and therefore not remain in the stomach longer than necessary.

Severe abdominal pain- what is it and how to deal with it

Abdominal pain is kind of pain which is located anywhere down your ribs to your pelvis. This pain is often called a tommy pain or a stomach pain. Most of the time this kind of pain should go by itself with no need of doc consultation. But if you are dealing with severe pain, pain that last for many hours,vaginal pain or bleeding (if you are pregnant), if you feel pain in scrotum (if you are male), if you have pain and you are vomiting (also blood vomiting) or have shortness of breath, if you notice blood in you urine or you cant pass your urine, if you are feeling pain which is spreeding to your shoulders, chest or neck, if you got fever and also sweats, if you became pale.

Interesting facts

  1. Gag reflex- did you know that gag relex is evolutionary reflex that developed as a method to prevent the aspiration of solid food particles. Gag reflex is also called pharyngeal reflex,
  2. Morning sickness- It is nausea and vomiting that happens during pregnancy. Regardless of the name, moring sickness can happen in any time of the day,
  3. Some people induce vomiting to lose weight. They are inducing vomiting after a normal meal or if they have cheated on their diet,
  4. Bad breath- Bad breath which smells like feces can show up with prolonged vomiting, especially when we are dealing with a bowel obstruction,
  5. Ipecac syrup- This medicine have been used to make child vomit if he swollowed a poison. However poison control doesn’t tell you to use it,
  6. Natural electrolyte balance can be found in spinach, kale,yogurt, avocado and many many other food products.

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  1. I have a friend who is inducing vomiting, and Im so scared abour her. I will totally talk with her and show her the article. We will get help as soon as it will only be possible. Thank you for the article because this made me realise many things.

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