Is nipple piercing safe and does it hurt?

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Body art is fairly common thing and body piercing is it part. Body piercing is popular nowadays and lot’s of people are into body piercing. Are you maybe planning on getting your nipples pierced or just a single nipple? and you want to know more about it? First of all it’s important to make sure that all procedure is done safely by a licensed professional in a clean studio that will give you nipple piercing aftercare instructions so you will know how to take care of already pierced nipples. Have you consider how painful it is (because it is not pain free, the pain is real)? nipple piercings hurt, you will feel some pain when you gonna get your nipple pierced. Overall there is also a health risks which are following the nipple piercings.

Risk factors to consider before it takes place

The risk for infection is long term. It is not over few day’s or even weeks after you do your piercing. As long as you have the piercing, you may experience any of these complications:

  • bleeding,
  • scarring,
  • nerve damage,
  • tearing,
  • keloid formation,
  • interference with future medical needs or procedures,
  • interference with breast-feeding.

Localized infection around the piercing are most common. What is not that common is infection spreading from the nipple and breasts. These systemic infections can include the infection of the heart valves and infection in the blood stream.

How to take care of a pierced nipples

For the time when your nipple is in a healing process keep it clean and keep the new piercing covered so it won’t get an infection. Nipple piercing aftercare is very important so remember before you will touch you nipple wash your hands with antimicrobial soap and warm water- to prevent infection! If you gonna find any crusty stuff aroud your nipple gently wash it off with warm water and after it is all cleaned up wipe it off with dry and clean paper towel. Pay attention if your nipple isn’t stuck to your clothes (this could make the inffection appear). If you are wondering about what to wear not to hurt or inffect your nipple just put on padded bra, thick sports bra, or cotton T-shirt. Good aftercare is key to have your nipples fully healed.

What can you expect after you will have your nipple pierced

During healing time (nipples piercing to heal completely take a long time, to when its fully heal teakes about 9 to 12 months) you can notice things like white crust, your nipple or nipples (if your pierced both of them) may be sore, irritated or even itchy. But if you gonna see “red flags” like swelling, Hot, sensitive or painful nipple. That your nipple becomes yellow, green or brown discharge or smells bad or maybe you have fever, a rash or maybe your body aches. Maybe you will notice tiredness or redness that goes out of the piercing, that’s the sign you should see a doctor.

Infection or rejection?

Nipples are one of those parts of our body that can be willing to reject a piercing it happenns when body is healing over the piercing instead of around it.

The rejection is not the nipple piercing infection but its can give similiar sings like redness and itching which can show up close to the piercing. The skin around the piercing can show allergic reaction coused by the metal of the piercing. It can even force the nipple piercing jewelry out of the place is there wasn’t enough of skin pierced.

There are also ways to prevent rejection. First of all and the most important one is to choose the right body piercer who will give you detailed instructions (he or she should be familiar with body’s anatomy, with the healing process and where is the best place to place the piercing. Second of all choose the right jewelry don’t choose jewelry quickly (it is such an important thing because using a thicker piece of jewelry might reduce the risk of rejection) also jewelry quality is very important thing. The last of all is the main thing FOLLOW THE AFTERCARE INSTRUCTIONS.

How to treat nipple piercings which are infected?

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As we all know the best way to treat an infection is to prevent it, but not is not always working out. It may be sceary at first but treating an infection from infected nipple is quite simple if you gonna notice it early enough. Even the case is in bad shape doctor may prescribe an antybiotic. But there are many other way’s to help with infection that can be done at home. For example washing, cold or hot compres, sea salt wash (do it with sea salt or saline solution) , wear loose clothes (because tight clothes can hold more of sweat and harmful bacteria).

If the nipple piercing becomes infected you shouldn’t take off the nipple jewelry. The nipple jewelry should stay in it place because removing the jewelry will often make the piercing site to close up, making it impossible to reinsert jewelry at that site.

Will the nipples pierced close up?

Are you a mom and are you wondering if breastfeeding will bother you? well some woman are removing their nipple rings for the time of breastfeeding (breastfeeding and the nipple piercing-There is a tiny study that shows that that nipple piercing may decreased lactation). The holes of nipple piercing will get a little bit smaller or close up after two weeks, that means that you can put your nipple ring easly after breastfeeding. So if your piercing holes will close up for no specific reason go to a professional studio and have it re pierce (don’t you think of doing it by yourself).

Nipple piercing vs other piercing

Nipple piercing can be risky. Far from other piercing like for example, ear piercing which is tradicional type of piercing which goes trough dense tissue, nipples piercing puncture sensitive skin which is conected to system of ducts.


14 Gauge– 14G is a 1.6 mm needle, this is what is used in Navel piercing. Belly button Piercing. Piercers also use this for a Tongue piercing, Labret, Eyebrow, Industrial, Septum, and Nipple piercings. So as you see this kind of needle can be used to different kinds of piercings.

Nipple piercing pain

This kind of piercing gives different kinds of pain to everyone. Usually it does hurt more than other body piercing. People that have their nipples pierced say’s that it is a sharp, intense pain at first in view of the fact that the breast tissue is so thin and delicate.

How to make pain less? that is very important qustion to those who does the nipple piercings. So here are few tips to ease the pain from your nipple piercing. You may feel uncomfortable after nipple piercings- take pain medicines. Sweeling can show up and to reduce it you can use pack or cold compress. To promote healing you can use sea salt soak. To reduce pain and swealing you could try out tea tree oil.

Benefits of a nipple piercing

It is said by a lot’s of people that it heightens your nipple extremely sensitive even more than before. There are also a sexual benefits and the experts are saying that the psychological benefits of having an intimate piercing can be key to a pleasurable sex life.

To sum up healing process of the piercing is a long way.

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