Teeth whitening – why is it worth considering? 

Woman after teeth whitening paints her lips

Nowadays, many people tend to focus on social life more than a couple of years ago. The look seems to be quite important, especially when it comes to posting on social media. A tasteful appearance must be paired with a well-kept body and finished with a charming smile. Do you feel uncomfortable while talking to friends or smiling to the camera? You should consider teeth whitening.

Professional treatment from the best

Teeth whitening became quite popular since the basic kits have been launched into the stores and now serve as a low-cost DIY treatment that can be done at home. Not many users know that such a purchase may be harmful for their dental health. Many whitening kits are not tested properly and are simply dangerous while using it without any supervision. The most secure option is to find a professional that can carry out a safe and effective teeth whitening poland.

Such a service is available at Indexmedica, Kraków, where a qualified medical team uses 5 modern whitening techniques that are completely safe for your oral health.

Why you should consider teeth whitening in Poland?

There is nothing more effective like professionally whitened teeth. Compared to DIY kits, it will provide longer-lasting results. A treatment carried out by dental expert will guarantee the brightness of your teeth up to one year or longer, however, it is recommended to visit your professional every 6 months in order to maintain the effect.

Whitened teeth can also boost your oral hygiene by improving the overall welfare of your cavity. A deep cleaning session conducted by a dental specialist will give you instant and noticeable effects. What is more, professional teeth whitening in Poland takes up to 60 minutes to see the results. It is a fast and harmless process that is carried out carefully with the use of laser and ultraviolet light.

Indications for teeth whitening

People decide to start a treatment for many reasons. The most popular one concerns aesthetic issues – a charming and bright smile is always in hot trends and boosts self-confidence. Some may want to remove discolouration caused either by antibiotic treatment, poor nutrition or smoking habits. It is good to mention that teeth whitening should be done before any filling replacement in order to match the white shades.

Reliable treatment in Kraków

If you consider teeth whitening in Poland, you should definitely trust the best. Indexmedica is a clinic with a comprehensive approach and a certified team that carries out treatments with the highest accuracy. Located in the center of Kraków, the clinic is a place where you can get professional dental care for a reasonable price. The offer, apart from teeth whitening, includes such services as implants, crowns and bridges, extractions, gum and root treatment, fillings, bone grafting and sinus lifts. The qualified medical team will do their best to offer you a stress-free, comfortable and high quality dental treatment from experienced specialists who continue to improve their skills on a regular basis.

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