What does have migraine headache and diarrhea incommon

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If you ever had a migraine headache you know how bad it can get and you know how tiring those migraine attacks can be. Diarrhea and even other gastrointestinal symptoms can be linked with headache. If you didn’t belive that there is a connection between migraines and gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms then try believing because it is true.

Migraine headaches

If you ever had migraine headache then you know that it is way worse than normal head pain. Migraine headache has got common symptoms. Those are following symptoms:

  • vomiting and nasea,
  • visual changes,
  • light as well as sound sensetivity,
  • pain on one side of your head,
  • throbbing head pains.

There can be other symptoms showing up:

  • anxiety,
  • depression,
  • neck pain,
  • irritability,
  • tingling,
  • insomia.

If you had this big headache that you couldn’t function normally then it is very likely to be migraine headache. There are few migraine headaches triggers like:

  1. stress,
  2. menstrual cycle,
  3. chocolate,
  4. wine – especially red wine.

There could be also factors like genetics, environmental triggers. Migraine symptoms are the result of changes in your brain.

Headache / Diarrhea – what is the link between migraine headaches and diarrhea?

Let’s start with characteristics of diarrhea. Diarrhea can be named if there is showing three or more loose stools durinig 24h. There can also show up stomach pain or pain in your abdomen area.

Migraine headaches is connected with vomiting and nausea but there also can show up diarrhea. It is right that it is less common symptom but can happen while migraine headaches.

It still isn’t that clear what kind of connection is between those two but studies shows that migraine headaches can be linked with some kind of several GI disorders so it also involves for example irritable bowel syndrome or inflammatory bowel syndrome. People who are dealing with gastrointestinal disorders are more likely to have migraine headaches.

Also it can be linked in this way that while you have got diarrhea and with it can come dehydration as a result of this condicion. Dehydration can couse head pain. There is a risk that dehydration can develop migraine attack.

Chronic migraine headaches

Woman is laying on bed with chronic migraine

If you are thinking what does mean to have chronic migraine headaches we will make it clear for you here. This health condicions means that someone has got very frequent headaches. By frequent headaches we mean that it comes up to 15 or more days per month of headache with migrainous features that at least for three months. On the other hand episodic migraine is when someone has fewer than 15 headache days in month.

How to prevent migraines?

There is no same triggers of migraine headaches that are going to be for everyone. Things that triggers migraine headaches are individual for everyone so you should get in touch with your doctor. Your doctor may help you find what is your trigger.

To find out what can triggers your migraine attacks you should write down everything you eat have something like food diary because certain foods can be one of the factors of the attacks.

When you migraine attack shows up it might be good idea to find some rest in dark and quiet room. You can also try out hot or cold compress. Why hot or cold? Well for some works cold but for others hot is the way. Another idea is to have some caffeine. It is shown that caffeine helps with improving migraine symptoms. Don’t do to much stick with one cup of coffee so you won’t get addicted to caffeine.

Finding out what are the things that triggers your migraine attack in very important so talk with your doctor. Medical advice may help you find out what tings can have impact on your migraine attacks.

Abdominal migraine

This health condition is very difficult in diagnosis. Most cases occur by stomach pain, nausea, and vomiting. This health conditions mostly happens to children and happens between age of 3 and 10. Treatments involves medications that can help in relieving symptoms and also can help to prevent future episodes. There are studies on meds which can be used to treat this condicion. Patients with this health condition are often treated with help of medications which are effective on a migraine.

How is abdominal migraine diagnosed?

At the moment there is no any kind of tests that can be run to make full diagnosis of it. This kind of diagnosis can be done only by ruling out abdominal pain. When it is diagnosed in doctor may start treatment. Treatment can focus on relieving symptoms during an episode and preventing future episodes.

Taking medication

Taking medications for migrain headaches comes to meds like for example:

  • erenumab,
  • lasmiditan,
  • ubrogepant,
  • amitriptyline,
  • nortriptyline.

To prevent headaches doctor may also prescribe antidepressants.

If we are going to think of medications for diarrhea there are lots of over the counter meds to treat diarrhea. There are meds like for example loperamide and bismuth subsalicylate. But there are people that shouldn’t take those meds. Those people are the ones who experience diarrhea with bloody stools or fever


As you could notice there are many common triggers of migrain headaches. You should pay attention to your diet because some food products could lead to migraine attack. There can be many related things to migraines as you could read in the article. So if you are experience diarrhea remember that it can lead to potential side effects like for example dehydration and this exact cause can couse migraines.

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  1. I’m dealing with migraine since few years already. Thanks to this amazing article now I know what should I focus on and that I should change my diet a little bit. Thank you for this great article, it is very helpful.

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