Crossed legs – is legs crossing dangerous?

Three people sitting on bench with crossed legs

Most of people sit with their legs crossed and they consider this sitting position the most comfortable one. Think for a while and and answer yourself what is the way that you are sitting in the most often? Is it maybe crossing legs one? It is believed that sitting with your legs crossed can couse varicose veins, birth complications, and high blood pressure. Well if your are looking for answers or you are wondering if sitting with legs crossed is okay and won’t do any demage to your health you will find this answer in here.

Is crossing legs bad for your health?

When you are sitting for longer period of time you can notice some kind of tingles sometimes even you can feel completly numb. This happens because of constricted blood flow to these areas of the body. Sitting cross legged can make it even way harder for your blood to flow. This legs crossed position can be demaging for your veins.

But don’t worry this sitting leg position is just some kind of bad habit and you can get rid of it very easliy. If you work at some kind of work where it requires you to sit for long periods then you may try on taking short breaks to move a little bit around.

Leg crossing while you are pregnant

While you are pregnant your body goes through a lot of changes. Physical changes which happens in your body may change a lot. Your walking style or sitting postions can also be way different. Pregnant women are mostly trying to do anything to make themselves feel comfortable. Sitting position is also one of thise tihings. If you are pregnant woman and you are wondering if sitting cross legged will be any bad for you? Then the answer is that if you are pregnant woman there is nothing bad in sitting with legs crossed it won’t couse anything bad for you or your baby. The only thing that can be couse by sitting with legs crossed is this that it may contribute to ankle swelling or leg cramps. But it is very common around pregnant women so if it happens just sit with both of your feet on the floor or elevated on a stool.

Legs crossed and posture

There are lots of myths about sitting with legs crossed but they aren’t really true. Altho there is one that can be true but mostly is ignored. This one is poor posture. If you are sitting for long periods of time with your legs at the knee it can couse you and your pelvis to rotate and tilt. This situation can cause the pain which can occure in lower back. But it doesn’t mean that you should be stop crossing legs.

High blood pressure

A person is at the doctor who is checking his blood pressure

If you ever were testing your blood pressure and you were asked to place both of your feet flat on the floor it is no without a reason. You are asked to place both of your feet flat on the floor because while you are crossing one leg over another it can be a reason of temporary spike in blood pressure. Studies shows that there is high blood pressure while you have your legs crossed at the knee level. There is non studies shown that blood pressure gets high while you are crossing your legs at ankles level. It is only noticed in temporary blood pressure increased but if you already have high blood pressure try avoiding crossing your legs for long period of time.

Varicose veins

Crossing your legs won’t cause varicose veins. It is a MYTH. Varicose veins are those things that reminds you of vains but are more of bulging and twisting things. They pop out of peoples legs. Most of the time they are blue but they can be sometimes red or maybe flesh colored.

Most of the times you can find them on your thighs, backs of the calves and even inner leg. There is no exceptions and everyone can get those varicose veins. However mostly it is condicion which happens to older women or pregnant women. Varicose veins creates because of the problem with valves which happens in your veins. And those veins works very hard and pump blood to your heart.

Developing varicose veins can happen for example by standing or sitting for very long time. But there is no studies which shows that crossing your legs couse this kind of issues.

Symptoms of vein disease’s

There are many symptoms of vein disease’s. Let’s list those symptoms here:

  • aching legs,
  • tired legs,
  • swelling in legs as well as in ankles,
  • dry skin,
  • wounds in legs that aren’t healing,
  • problems with standing for a long periods of time,
  • having a feeling of burning in the calves or sometimes in thighs,
  • numbness sensation.

If you won’t treat veins issuses that occure in your body it can couse very dangerous health conditions. Wounds which arean’t healing can lead to dangerous infections. Deep vein thrombosis is life threatening and it is a type of blood clot.

Body language

There is something like body language which can say a lot about person. For example body language experts says that tha posture of standing with leg cross says about your body gesture that is defiance, defensiveness but also submission. This posture is mostly used while your are meeting people which are stragers for you. There is also a position called double cross which means that person is crossing both legs as well as arms. This body language says a lot. This means that person is uninterested with conversation. Another example can be leg twine. This one means that someone is shy. Mostly woman tend to do it and it is symbol of insecurity.


If you were wondering if sitting with your legs crossed will couse any of bad health issues then don’t bother your head with it. Leg crossing won’t couse any dangerous emergancy health conditions it can only couse temporary increase in blood pressure. If you want to take care of your health a little bit more you can just remember of avoid sitting for long time in one postion. So there is no need for you to worry about any nerve damage or other bad health conditions. Remember that crossing your legs for long periods may be disrupting blood circulation in the area because of weight of the leg on top of the other leg compressing the veins passing behind the knee.

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  1. When I was teen everybody been telling me that I shouldn’t be crossing my legs cuz it will cause some bad health conditions. Thanks to this great article I know now the truth about it. Thank you very much for it!

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