Why Should You Get Dental Implants in Turkey?

A woman inserts dental implants in Turkey

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It is possible to have a healthy smile by having dental treatments in Turkey. Estetik Dental provides first class quality service in Turkey with dental implant treatment in the company of qualified dentists in internationally accredited clinics. It is a natural material mostly made of titanium, which replaces the tooth roots placed in the jawbone and supports the tooth. The purpose of having dental implants in Turkey is to protect other teeth, strengthen chewing ability and correct speech that is impaired due to missing teeth.

In most European countries, at least 1700 euros per titanium implant should be calculated. Since the prices are quite expensive, the most logical solution is health tourism. Because a dental implant in Turkey with equivalent treatment and materials does not exceed 500 euros. Since Turkey is a developed country in health tourism, your hotel and transfers are arranged quickly and you can save almost 70% when you have a dental treatment in Turkey, which you would have done in any European country.

What are Dental Treatments in Turkey?

There are five common dental treatment methods you can apply when you want to have a tooth in Turkey. If you have a problem with your tooth, the probability of finding a solution with common treatments is quite high. Your dentist will guide you after making the appropriate diagnosis.

  • Dental fillings

Dental fillings are one of the best methods used in the treatment of caries. In some cases, they may be involved in repairing broken teeth. When the patient says that he is in constant pain, the dentist first checks for gaps, cracks and caries.

Dental check-ups in Turkey are carried out using highly advanced techniques. The condition of the teeth is learned by using X-ray records. When the dentist decides that a filling should be made, the patient only has to choose the type of filling.

  • Dental implants

A dental implant is the best way to complete missing teeth. A minor surgical operation is performed in the patient’s mouth to place the dental implant.

If you want to have dental treatments in Turkey, you can find many experienced dentists. You can receive different treatment services, including dental implants, on the same day. Thanks to the dental implant, the patient gets permanent artificial teeth.

  • Dental crowns

Dental crowns are used to repair teeth that have been severely damaged for certain reasons. Tooth repair is almost the only option to save a damaged tooth from being extracted. In some cases, they are used during cosmetic interventions.

  • Braces

Braces are used to correctly position the teeth that are more messy and unaesthetic than they should be. In some patients, dental intervention may be required to eliminate problems such as speech difficulties. In line with the advances in dental treatments, it has become much easier to apply braces. Generally, people under the age of 18 are given braces and ensure their teeth are aligned correctly.

  • Tooth extractions

Tooth extractions are among the most basic procedures of dentists. If a tooth is in such a bad condition that it cannot be saved, it is decided to have it extracted. In addition, teeth that want to erupt but fail to come out of the gum can be extracted.

When you want to have a tooth extraction in Turkey, you can find many dentists to choose from. However, correct intervention is important in tooth extraction. It should be the priority of the dentist to ensure the least damage to the gums.

Dental health is one of the most important factors affecting the general health of a person. You cannot easily ignore the discomfort in the mouth area. In order to find a solution to your problem, you should choose the right dentist.

Is it safe to get Turkey teeth?

One of the nations where dental procedures are most effectively used and patiently preferred is Turkey. Istanbul is developing into a popular destination for people seeking new teeth, particularly in Turkey, where dentists treat tens of thousands of patients year while also ensuring their safety and satisfaction. One of the best dentists in the world is a Turkish dentist. In Turkey, specialist dentists provide patients with high-quality dental care at more affordable costs than in European nations, which is another factor contributing to the popularity of dental care there.

Since dental treatment prices are very expensive in England, Europe and America, patients in abroad mostly prefer dental treatment in Turkey. On the other hand, you can get your dental treatment done in Turkey in a shorter time than in other countries. Getting teeth from Turkey is a very safe method for your oral health.

High-quality dental treatments in Turkey

  • A dental procedure takes three to six appointments.
  • The specialist will provide you with the most precise information possible because the length of the procedure may differ depending on the patient.
  • You will receive dental treatment under local anaesthetic.
  • For three to seven days following your dental procedure, you may have tooth sensitivity or pain.
  • The duration of your entire recuperation following dental work may range from 3 to 4 days.
  • The outcomes of your dental work are long-lasting.
  • Following dental care, you do not need to stay in the hospital. Following therapy, you are free to go back home or to your job

 High quality with affordable price

Turkish dentists utilize internationally recognized brands, and we classify those brands into groups a, b, and c. If you select the B group implant brand, the BEGO brand manufactured in Germany is expected to cost 450 Euro, the Turkish brand Nucleoss implant systems cost 280 Euro, and if you select the group implant brand, the estimated cost of STRAUMANN made in Switzerland is 750 Euro.

Dental treatment in Turkey employ titanium implants that are 100% Grade 4 or Grade 5 titanium. One of the primary benefits of utilizing titanium in dental implants is that it is strong, light, and biocompatible, making it extremely unlikely that your body will reject and reject wearing it.

One of the main benefits of utilizing titanium in dental implants is that it is strong, light, and biocompatible, making it extremely unlikely that your body will reject it and wear it out. The only grades of titanium that should be used in medicine and for dental implants are Grade 4 or Grade 5. Turkish specialists and clinics reassure you that they exclusively use excellent dental implants that are 100% titanium-made and come with a lifetime warranty.

Dental Treatment While You Are Travelling

Dental tourism began to become more and more popular. Due to the high cost of dental care in their home country, patients from other countries prefer Istanbul for their dental appointments. Patients living abroad prefer Istanbul for dental treatments due to the high cost of dental treatment in the region they live in. As a result, they get the ability to simultaneously provide dental care and learn about Istanbul’s historical, natural, and cultural splendors.

Tourists frequently claim that the total cost of their expenses—including airfare, lodging, and dental care—is less than what dental care would cost in any European nation.

When is the best time to visit Turkey for dental treatment?

Taking care of your mouth has effects beyond only improving the way your teeth look and how your breath smells. Your ability to swallow, chew, speak, and smile are all impacted by your oral health. The state of your teeth, gums, and mouth has an even bigger impact on your general wellbeing and has an impact on your entire body, according to a growing body of studies.

Although having poor dental hygiene can increase your chance of developing some major medical issues, the mouth-body connection is reciprocal. Your dentist is qualified to recognize these symptoms since your mouth may be the first indication of a health issue that affects the entire body. In either case, caring for your mouth is an easy but effective approach to keep your general health in check.

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